AIS Now Being Served In The Cockpit (sans wires)



That’s my Droid sitting there with the same image as the laptop. Well actually that’s not just an image, it is the laptop streaming content to my Droid and vice versa. We now have the ability to see and control our AIS information (and other info such as XM Weather, GPS diagnostics, etc.) from the laptop in the Nav Station with any Android device anywhere within range of our on-board router — about three boat lengths. I now have a good reason to buy an Android tablet — screen size. This arrangement is much less complicated than our original arrangement.

All that was required was the Splashtop Personal app on the Droid and a streaming application on the laptop. Since these devices are on the same wirelesss network (logged in on the same router) the service is free. And if you wanted to do this from a separate network, from anywhere, it’s cheap. Splashtop can service Google Android Devices, iPad, iPhone/iPod, Mac, Windows, Win 8/RT & WinPhone.

If I discover any problems, I’ll post them here, but with 15 million users, this is not a junkyard app.

2 responses to “AIS Now Being Served In The Cockpit (sans wires)

  1. But is AIS best served cold? Ha!!! Nice app. Kewl stuff.

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