It Isn’t Always Velcro…

StucknessVero Beach is often called Velcro Beach because a lot of cruisers stop here and go no farther, to include swallowing the anchor and settling in the area. It is a nice place. But some of us get stuck here (bureaucratic SNAFUs notwithstanding) due to the Gulf Stream weather. As far as crossing the Stream under conditions that meet our criteria (Wind direction, Speed and Seas), this is the longest spate of unsuitable weather we can remember. The curve shows the average (from D-10 to D) of all forecast values predicted for a given day. The green bands are the good stuff. The weather has followed the wavy forecast curve almost slavishly — albeit with teases. At least it is good weather for waxing the deck, meeting even more of the nice folks here, and being stuck here meant being here for a potluck with excellent barbequed pork provided by the marina and cooked by the dockmaster — and a scad of yummy side dishes including Janet’s Spinach Balls.

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