The State of the Union…

…between Gosling’s Ginger Beer and ham steak.

Janet and I grew up in the Goslingsgeneration and location where dinner often included a ham steak that had been simmered in Dr. Pepper until the steak was caramelized at the edges and the soda(pop) had been reduced to a savory syrup. So fast forward to 2014 and jump shift from Texas to the edge of the Atlantic, and now we use Gosling’s Ginger Beer (regular, not diet — bad food chemistry and won’t caramelize) the same way. We called it “dark and hammy.”

  • Select a real ham steak preferably with no water added.
  • Pour Goslings in a non stick skillet and place the knife-pierced (~10x)  ham in the pan.
  • Let sit for a half hour, then light up the fire and set it to medium or medium low — just bubbly,.
  • Simmer for 30 minutes, then flip and simmer for another 30.
  • Serve.
  • Sauce is very good on vegetables. But two cans and longer simmer time may be required to have enough to drizzle over both ham and veggies.

2 responses to “The State of the Union…

  1. YUM! What if you add rum?

    • We have done. Gosling’s Bermuda Black or Myers’s. Needs to have that molasses.

      A shot of Roses lime wouldn’t be out of place either.

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