Tostados Pollo de Janet

While we are surrounded by beauty here and sheltered from the weather, it has been a good time to get a few routine maintenance and some repair items taken care of. Walks in the area, which is nearly devoid of traffic, have been delightful. But stuck we still are.

ChickenTostadoWe do eat well. Provisioned as we are; with biweekly trips to the market for perishables (and to great restaurants like Avanzare with friends Harriet and Skip), we haven’t suffered for variety.

Here is a riff on a dish Janet has been making since we lived in Cocoa Beach in 1973 and dined at the only Mexican place in the area. The restaurant was in an old Stuckey’s in Rockledge and some of the bar seats were missing and the posts covered with upturned buckets. But boy the food was muy delicioso! We drove all the way from Satellite Beach (a whole 10.5 miles)!

Tostados Pollo de Janet (Especiales de Irene* back when and still today)

  • Large can of premium white chicken, drained and shredded with a few chunks
  • Scallions, sliced
  • Shallots, diced
  • Commercial taco seasoning packet
  • Spring mix, chopped
  • Queso Fresco, crumbled
  • Mexican mix shredded cheese
  • Black beans drained and rinsed

Saute onions and scallions, add chicken and beans.
Add taco seasoning and water per instructions
Let simmer until liquid reduced
Heat flat taco shells

  • Layer cheese on corn tostado
  • Then add chicken+bean mixture
  • Then chopped up spring mix
  • Top with more cheese

Makes six with minimum topping and four with yummy, whooha, wow topping.

Chicken and bean mixture saves well in freezer/reefer and can be used in burritos, enchiladas, taco casseroles etc.

*”The Alamo Mexican Kitchen — the first Mexican restaurant in Brevard County, Florida– opened in May, 1967, under the ownership and management of Alberto and Irene Enriquez. Through their hard work and the help of their children — Albert Jr., Patsy, Carrie, Jannette, and Debi;  the grandchildren Trish, Melissa, Maria, Michael, Christina & Erika — and now down to the great grandchildren — Jake, Torre, Nicolas, Chloe, Meredith, Jackson, Cooper, and Madison, the Alamo has become one of Brevard’s most popular and favorite Mexican Restaurants.

The history of The Alamo Mexican Kitchen and the story of the Enriquez family cannot be separated: where there is one, there is the other. But their story is not quite complete without mentioning Irene’s mother, Estela Torres Navarrete, and Alberto’s mother, Maria Garcia Enriquez. Their recipes remain the mainstream of the menu.”

2 responses to “Tostados Pollo de Janet

  1. This is going in THE RECIPE COLLECTION! What did you serve for beverage Dos XX?

    • Hi, Sue,
      Had there been any cerveza in the reefer, it would have been Negro Modelo; we just had to struggle through with vino blanco.

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