Naan-sensical Pizza Crust

Manna-naanNeed pizza crust? Coat a piece of naan thinly with olive oil. Put the coated side down in a non-stick skillet and brown till crusty.

Coat the top the same way and flip the naan, add pizza toppings to the browned side. Finish in oven to melt cheese if required.

4 responses to “Naan-sensical Pizza Crust

  1. We will need to try this although Tom is getting pretty good with his pizza crust. We just saw sv Distant Shores II. Maybe we can try this recipe out with them some eve.

  2. Thanks for this recipe. What an easy quick way to make a pizza meal or hot appetizer on the boat!
    Sheryl Shard aboard SV Distant Shores II in St. Maarten

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