Las Palmas — Excelente Cubano!

Photos of Las Palmas Cuban Restaurant Sebastian, Sebastian

This photo of Las Palmas Cuban Restaurant Sebastian is courtesy of TripAdvisor

We are always on the lookout for Cuban restaurants. We love the underlying elements of the cuisine, the spices, the marinades, the meats, the black beans, the yellow rice, the Mofongo! Some places have seemed better than they were just because we were a long time between Cuban meals.

Not so with Las Palmas*. This place is the real deal. The food is excellent, the service was fast and friendly. The prices were just right for a late lunch that served as an early dinner and a source of left overs (the portions here are generous). They do have early bird specials.

It’s in a strip mall (it’s Florida, after all) and a bit hard to see from the road — look for the “Cuban Restaurant” sign at the parking lot entrance. Cinco Estrellas!

* 1929 US Hwy 1, Sebastian, FL 32958-4083

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