Happy Hour

truckIt all started with a Vero Beach Marina Happy Hour. That led to dinner. That lead to a diner asking someone to drive his car back to the Chesapeake. That led to us volunteering. That led to us deciding it would be a great opportunity to bring our stored stuff from Maryland and Georgia to Florida. And then it fell through. But our flywheel was spinning now.

So we rented a one-way car (Ka-ching, this car cost more than renting a one-way and driving all the way to Maryland last June) and drove to Georgia and retrieved our car from storage. Then we drove to Virginia. We planned to pick up the rental truck in Annapolis the following day — we went to Texas instead.

snowThen we drove back to Maryland to pick up the rental truck and got stalled by eight inches of snow the day we had rescheduled the pick up. The following cold day, we loaded the truck and got out of the DC area well before rush hour, whew! The truck went squirrely in every gust and with each passing truck and bus. What was interesting was the number of otherwise aerodynamic looking cars that bumped me around as much as the trucks. Nothing matched the Vanhool buses though. Would have been nice if the radio and driver’s side door lock worked. Still it did the job at  $1/mile (a 20% discount), not counting gasoline at 11 mpg.

We got to Vero Beach late in the afternoon yesterday. We still had to unload the truck. We had to buy a dolly because the mini warehouse doesn’t have carts. We have a dolly stored with our household goods.

Only had one glass of wine at that Happy Hour. Glad it wasn’t more.

2 responses to “Happy Hour

  1. WOW!!! snow pic….sucks!

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