Pacing the Snail

Since we returned from Texas via Annapolis, the weather hasn’t been conducive to crossing to the Abacos. This season has been plumb remarkable in that regard. So we decided to do some (more) mods.


GlobalStar external antenna awaiting wires.

We have added equipment to boost our satphone performance four-fold, and have ordered Satellite TV. Both installations require snaking cable through the seat locker, and I only want to unload that area once, so we are stuck waiting for the TV antenna, receiver and associated stuff. This is our second approach to satellite TV afloat because we decided we did want to be able to receive while underway offshore.


Prototyping TV antenna base using dowel and corrugated board rather than the measure thrice and cut once stainless tube and aluminum plate. Don’t you just love cable ties?

Seems American Express has a policy we didn’t know about. If you want to ship “big ticket” (they don’t have a set $$$ for this) items somewhere other than your billing address, that shipping address has to be on file with Amex. Finding this out after we placed the order cost us a shipping day, and that cost us a weekend of waiting (although severe weather truncated Saturday work hours).

Ready for aluminum plate and antenna.

Ready for aluminum plate and antenna.

In the mean time, we have done all we can to make it just a “tighten some bolts and snake some cables” task. Marine Connection Liquidators in Fort Pierce, BosunSupplies in Arnold, Maryland, and OnlineMetals have made it possible.

The weather report still makes crossing an iffy prospect over the next seven days, and the diver doesn’t come to scrub the hull and lube the prop until Wednesday. After that, Fort Pierce and Lake Worth currents are favorable 7, 8 & 9 April so we have our fingers crossed for good wind and no more government SNAFUs.

A TRICK. If you want a 1″ stainless tube a bit longer than cut and don’t want it depending entirely on the set screw, put 1/4″ x 1″ washers in the bottom of the end fitting before inserting the tube and tightening the set screw. The same can be done with the appropriate washers for 7/8″ tube and 1-1/4″ tube.

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