To M3ST or not to M3ST…

IMG_20140402_132045_389The TracVision M3ST steerable TV antenna is pretty simple stuff. Especially compared with the military systems I worked with over the years. The whole antenna unit with radome weighs in at 18lbs. Like most things these days the magic is in the software that provides antenna guidance derived from systems costing very, very much more. It delivers 300+ channels, especially regional weather.

IMG_20140402_133717_688I should have held up a 16 inch round fender for scale. In relative terms the M3ST is tiny, 17.5 x 15.5 inches. It’s facing the wrong direction (E) so I can get to the bolts that anchor it to the platform it took me several days to fabricate in a marina that has rules about too much tool noise. A sabre saw on 0.2 inch aluminum plate is not “quiet.”

IMG_20140402_164550_292And here it sits, radome in place, waiting for me to snake the cable below and forward to the TV. Progress.

It looks as if the next cold front will keep us here a few more days, then we should be able to break free of Velcro and head for the Abacos. Tomorrow we buy fuel. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it!

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