Odds and Odds

What? No “Ends?” There are no ends when it comes to maintaining a cruising sailboat. So here are some snippets crammed in between sore back work.

Morning Visitor

Morning Visitor

Seasoning for beans and rice. Nutmeg, Paprika, Thyme, Worcestershire, Goslings Black Seal, Olive Oil, sea salt, pepper. Proportions to taste.

Low Tide Visitor

Low Tide Visitor

Satellite TV up and running

All sewing repairs made.

New dinghy number boards for Florida registration.

Four new Jack-lines made

New lifting harness for outboard — bridle for 6 horses.

Satphone external booster antenna installed and not working properly.

Engine water pump must be replaced.

Check valve must be added to wash down line.

It ain’t all relaxing, folks

4 responses to “Odds and Odds

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  3. I was just writing a blog posting about this same thing…..boat work in paradise.

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