100 Days

On January 1st, a hundred days ago, we started keeping track of weather windows for crossing to the Abacos under sail in comfortable sea conditions — good winds, long period waves, no lingering northerly or cross swells. I know, picky, picky.

Cross hatched days in orange had other wind directions but lingering north swells made them essentially northerly wind days. The other cross hatched days were so-so/good wind days subtracted because of bad swell.


Orange = BAD, Yellow = So-So, Cyan = Good, Magenta = GREAT

The upshot has been 86 of the last 100 days have been unsuitable per our criteria, and now the forecasts for good winds include thunderstorms and potentially heavy rains. The good days have been encumbered by other boat or life demands.

Patience is an attribute. (We keep telling ourselves that — daily).

One response to “100 Days

  1. UGH! Waiting….sucks. However, bad passages suck too.

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