The Drip is Vanquished

OLD PUMPSome time ago, the raw water pump rear seal on the Yanmar began to fail. Water dripping from the weep hole (slot) evaporated before I could see it. but the surface corrosion it caused was evident. The pump needed to be replaced but other things intervened.

Yesterday I girded myself for what I thought would be a chore. It wasn’t.

OLD REMOVEDThe original pump bolts came free with a satisfying “crack.” From there I was able to hand spin them free, and I didn’t have to de-tension the belt to remove the pump. The little oil in the splash chamber was easily contained. The gasket left very little to be scraped off. The hoses came free with a few gentle twists. This was going just a bit too well.

ELLI must admit I looked at the pump the day I picked it up from the distributor in Annapolis, but not since. It came with an “ell” attached. Very attached. As I didn’t have a strong enough vise to hold the pump while I twisted. I thought of several kluges — then I remembered Skip’s shop. I called him and we arranged a time…


Not going to work!

It took a 3/4 hour for the round trip to his lovely home and beautiful shop. It took us about about six minutes to remove the ell and replace it with the straight nipple our boat builder had used. [Thanks, Skip.]

NEW PUMPI had the new pump reinstalled and the engine running about 20 minutes after returning to the boat. Much of that time was sponging up the water that had dribbled from hoses and replacing the absorption mats under the engine.

The drip is vanquished.

The golden color reminds me that five of these pumps will pay for one 6hp outboard motor.

2 responses to “The Drip is Vanquished

  1. Congratulations Chris. Its a good feeling to fix a problem like that. With our old Volvo I always kept one spare water pump, but also a number of repair kits for the pumps. Then after swapping out the pump with bad seals (or bearings) then I could fix up the other spare at my leisure. The kits for the Volvo were much cheaper than the new pump (which would only require 2 pumps = one small outboard) :-0

    • Paul, you are so right about the kits. The old pump is sitting in parts locker awaiting its rehab. Your comment about Volvo made me smile. We had one for 15 years. I once needed a very expensive part. The local supplier was a straight shooter. He told me if I had to build the engine from supply parts, it would have cost me seven times what the engine cost.

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