Well, We Punted on the Bahamas.

The Exumas and Abaco will have to wait until late November and beyond. Once again, we have watched a weather window close up after teasing us for seven days. Now the rush-rush (at 7 knots or less) logistics of getting there and getting back would just degrade the stay.

More than anything, the bureaucratic delay associated with turning 65 put us on  this slippery slope. At least that’s our excuse, and we’re sticking to it.

We suppose if we hadn’t been to the Abacos, we would have adjusted our criteria to include iffier weather and sea conditions (Such as we encountered on our first return.) We didn’t. We are sorry to disappoint those who were looking forward to tropical pictures. We would have liked to have taken them. Be patient, we will return, as will the photos.

So now, we will motor, motor-sail, sail the local area with a few along-shore sails thrown in to prevent rust from gathering (on us, not the boat). The average depth in the Indian River Lagoon between Port Canaveral and Fort Pierce is three feet and we draw more than five so it’s going to be interesting. This is when we envy Paul and Sheryl Shard’s Southerly 49’s shoal draft characteristics. [OBTW, It’s For Sale]

Now we have to find a supply for conch and grouper locally. Not easy. But we are interested to see how plantains mashed for Mofongo will work as a binder for conch fritters.

One response to “Well, We Punted on the Bahamas.

  1. Marilyn Burger

    I say head for a vacation in Texas! Steaks are awaiting at Rayburn. We’d love to have you! Marilyn and John

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