It Sucks, Hooray!

Cond2OK, It “aspirates.” That orange in the photo is rust from non-marine materials having been used to make the condensate trap tray on our otherwise excellent marine air conditioner. (It looks like jiggling gelatin dessert because the AC is running.)


Prior to adopting this lifestyle. A/C usage was periodic and infrequent. Not so now. In Deale and in Brunswick a summer of usage left an orange streak down the side of the boat from where the sump pump drained the condensate overboard. Had to launch the dinghy to clean it off.

IMG_20140414_144321_370Enter the Mermaid Condensator — basically it’s a lab aspirator. It slurps water from the sump* as a result of the low pressure created by the cooling water flow across an orifice. As long as the AC compressor is running, it is. It slurps constantly and silently. Yeah, it’s another filter to check, but no more rust streak.

Cond3*However, this is a new sump — below that hole on the left.  It’s a collection bottle that keeps the condensate from entering the bilge. Spiral Wrap is an excellent way to protect hose from chafe.


The Mermaid comes with excellent instructions and friendly phone tech support should one need them.

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