Harnessing Six Horses

When we bought the new outboard for the dinghy, we used the harness off the old one. It was a commercial product with plastic hardware and suitable for the lightweight two-stroke 6 hp we’d had. Soon we had augmented the harness with lines and knots, and clips, oh my — so augmented, we had little doubt it would hold the OB securely on its trips up and down from dink to stern-rail. But boy was it a pain the the transom if we had to remove the engine cover for any reason.

So, I sewed up a new one as shown below. The Velcro is not weight-bearing it just keeps the harness from dropping away from the motor when we loosen it to open the motor case. The lashed double D rings keep things from slipping and sliding. The Spectra used to secure everything is quick to deal with, can be variably tensioned and can’t corrode. [The pictures are of line I used to measure before cutting the ($$$) Spectra.] I put heat shrink tubing (ala shoe string) on the tip of the Spectra to speed lacing. The Gallery includes results and instructions. Click on first pic

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