Easter Puppy Parade

Loggerhead EASTER Puppy PARADE 005Well, if someone decides to have an Easter Puppy Parade, you go watch it. This one was for marina members — complete with judges (left). We had a favorite puppy, but we hang out here so it’s best not to name names.

The parade was followed by the monthly Pot Luck, this one with pork roasted overnight over a low, low fire. It was a nostalgia trigger. I was the pig roaster for my USAF outfit from 1977-1980. The marina Harbormaster did the cooking, and I bow to him! The dishes brought to sweeten the “Pot” were also excelicious. The Gallery is not as festive as the occasion, but “you had to be there,” is so trite.

3 responses to “Easter Puppy Parade

  1. moondance38

    Looks like a fun time! You could have borrowed Bailey for a nominal fee;D

    • Bailey would have been the big dog on campus! OBTW when Bill left, Gale was wearing a life jacket.

      • moondance38

        LOL! I did hear from Bill a few days ago. He’s up past Myrtle Beach and even did an offshore passage from Fernandina to Charleston. It sounds like Gale is adapting to boat life.

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