Racing Again

Ala Lilliput. Easter we walked over to watch the weekly radio controlled sailboat race for the first time since we have been here. There were three to start with (there have been as many as 21). After an hour or so the man in charge hollered across the water, “Do you want to come give it a try?”

I got up from my sling chair and was off and run… walking. When I got there I admitted I was an out of practice ringer as I have an RC sailboat Janet gave me for my 50th birthday.

I wish I could say it came back quickly. Well, maybe upwind did, but reaches and runs REALLY need some work. I could blame the puffy 10-20 kt NWly, but it was more a case of dys-helm-sia when the boat was distant or coming toward me.

Janet coached me from the sidelines which was fine until it included, “You missed that mark.” Sometimes she’s better at judge than coach.

Met a half a dozen new folks and liked them all.

3 responses to “Racing Again

  1. Thanks for the great pictures, Janet!

  2. moondance38

    What fun!

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