Full Circle

Today we sailed a modest 20+ miles to blow the rust off our skills. It was a perfect day for it. Good wind from a good direction. We discovered we felt rustier than we were.

We anchored a few hundred yards from the first place we went for a cruise on a boat we owned — in 1974. So, we have come full circle, but that doesn’t mean we are stopping.

The place looks a lot smaller now. Of course that boat weighed in at less than two tons and this one is closer to twelve tons.

Today we don’t have to cut things short to get back to jobs.

Then, we could chat on VHF and yell from boat to boat. Today, I’m in a digital conversation with friends Sabrina and Tom who just anchored a bit ago in Iles des Saintes off Guadeloupe.

We were discussing technologies that didn’t exist in 1974.
Funny shaped circle, this, more like a maze.

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2 responses to “Full Circle

  1. Full circle indeed. I bet it “feels” different now. Places we chartered in the BVI’s and St Martin in the past seemed so big back then. This time around in our boat they didn’t seem quite as all encompassing.

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