Adjusting Docklines

Google caught us!

Google caught us!

We had floating docks in Brunswick. Here we don’t. We had eight foot spring tides in Brunswick. Here the tides swing through maybe a foot and a half on a full moon. But in Brunswick we only had three points to moor to and here we have four. There, we could reach each shore cleat in an instant. Here, we must reach for pilings just beyond reach. In Brunswick, we could use our midship boarding gate to come and go. Here, we have to go ashore from the foredeck. In Brunswick, there was always a chance any boat next to us could break loose and be bashing us in seconds. Here there are pilings between all boats.

We got our dock lines from the Chesapeake out of storage and discovered we needed two new spring lines — the slip here is much longer than the one in Deale. We ordered two. The next day, we got a back order notice. An hour later, we got an email announcing a better breed of dock line would be on sale today only. I called and cancelled the back ordered order and this morning ordered the sale items for $50 less.

And now we have to make up a duplicate set of lines from our traveling dock lines to use as doublers in the event of a tropical storm.

And then there is the chafing gear — both for the daily lines and the doublers. [It appears an arborist supply shop is the best source!]

There is nothing about cruising that cannot end up more complicated than first imagined.

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