Bahamas Safety Context

klaxonBahamas2014 Bahamas Crime Report: Armed Violent Crime Escalates from Cruiselaw News

The article above is the highlights (low-lights?) of the recently released U. S. State Department: The Bahamas 2014 Crime and Safety Report (in the “ESSENTIAL READING” links section). Reports like this factor into our planning, so we point our readers/followers toward them.

The Bahamian articles and reader comments are at:

4 responses to “Bahamas Safety Context

  1. Perhaps I missed something but I note that this report mentions only one island in the whole Bahamas group as having any problem. There are 700 more islands that are great, friendly and not mentioned in this warning that I could see…

    Avoiding New Providence seems like a simple solution to reduce risk …

    • Paul, You did not, and I absolutely agree with your observation. That’s why I titled the post “…Context.” I will say, however we have had Abaconian friends express concern over “Nassau behaviour” working its way onto Great Abaco.

      • Thanks Chris, just wanted to make sure people got that since as sailors we find people spend little time in Nassau (if at all) and wouldn’t want anyone to miss these gorgeous islands! We are currently in Long Island getting ready for their regatta!

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