Hearts of Palm and Mango Chutney

HOP1 can of Salad Cut Hearts of Palm, drained
1 can of Mango slices in light syrup undrained (or fresh ripe equivalent volume)
Roses Lime Juice (or any sour lime syrup)
Ground ginger or candied ginger
Cayenne pepper

Dice the Mango slices into a bowl
Add the Hearts of Palm
Add Lime juice/syrup to taste ~ 1-2 tsp
Add ~1 tsp ground Ginger or grate candied ginger into mixture to taste
Add Cayenne to less than taste (1/8 tsp) — it will become pepperier as the mixture develops — one can always add more
Fold the ingredients together
Chill for at least an hour but overnight is better.

Serve as chutney with light meats — chicken, pork, etc
Heat and serve as sauce with Asian noodles
Use as salad dressing with greens of choice — does not work well with tomato

One response to “Hearts of Palm and Mango Chutney

  1. I can’t wait to try this. Thanks.

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