Quid Ergo?


The flag we fly no matter which boat, since 1974. Look closely at the palm tree,

It means “What’s next?” The answer is: the time has come for us to move at least partly back ashore. “Partly,” because we will still be cruising the Bahamas when the weather is right. We’ll add the Keys and SW Florida eventually if the Florida anchoring situation doesn’t get any worse, and it appears it will.

Another hurricane season trapped below by heat and rain just doesn’t appeal to us. We will figure out what this means for the boat, long term, after we have adjusted to this change.

So why didn’t we go back north like all the other Snowbirds? Frankly, it has to be way north to offer significantly cooler, drier weather. And way north means a lot of time to get there and not much to be there. As we have said elsewhere, we didn’t do this to be intrepid adventurers; we did it for the enjoyment. And we have truly enjoyed these years, but as we have posted, travel on the ICW is fun the first couple of times, and after that, it is just a long commute on a bad road.

So, Vero Beach will be our new base of operations. The home we have chosen will suit us for many years. It will be the 36th place I have called home, and for Janet it will be number 20.

We will still get out on the water. We will still cruise. We will still blog — it is Periodically Peregrine after all. We clearly understand the blog may become less interesting and less useful, and for that we are somewhat apologetic, but not hugely so. Things change.

We said we would cruise full time for three to four years, and it has been three. Pressing for four would have devolved into been there, done that, sweat stained the t-shirt. We are happy our experiment was a success, and that’s exactly how we see it.  Like a friend once said, “heck, full time cruising is not a religion.” True; this isn’t apostasy, it’s just moving on in life. And we do so healthy, with bodies and boat intact, and our eyes on a new horizon.

2 responses to “Quid Ergo?

  1. Good luck and have fun

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