You May Have Noticed…

The pace of posting has dropped off. We have been consumed by the tasks associated with moving back into a house that has been occupied by others. We are glad we have all those military moves under our belt. We closed on 31 July. Then the human deluge began. Painters. Cleaners. Landscapers. Window people. Pool people. Bug people (very important in FL). Cable people. Security people. Surveyors.  Furniture, rug, and appliance picking and buying, buying, buying. [We sold or donated more than half of our Stuff when we moved aboard.] The internet has reduced the workload by at least half, and we are on our way to having a reserved parking place at the orange and the blue mega hardware stores.  And the house was in no way a “fixer-upper.”


Close to a daily phenomenon.

What’s left of our Stuff won’t be here before 26 Aug, so we are living at a beach motel. Kinda funky, but quiet and comfortable.  Tooooo hot and stormy to enjoy being on the boat. The thunderstorm deluges, heavy and full of electricity, roll through around 1300, 1500 or 1700 depending how strong the sea breezes are on the east and west coasts of Florida and the general atmospheric circulation. Because of this, they can roll through from any direction, and a few have developed directly above us with no warning. Stormeye has been very useful in keeping track of the situation. The temps have been 90+ at the coast and 95+ inland with humidities between 40% and 70%. The 40% afternoons have actually been tolerable and rare as snake feet. Makes our pool look really inviting.

2 responses to “You May Have Noticed…

  1. Congratulations on your new home! John was hoping you might get a land yacht a.k.a motorhome. Can’t wait to see pictures.

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