Domestic Archeology

Blogging is a bit narcissistic. For all the good information blogs impart, much of their content is more satisfying to the writer than the audience. So be it.

One Tenth DoneOur moving van arrived at 0830 on the 25th. By 1330, the excellent delivery crew was finished; our newly painted walls untouched. All was in apparent good order. And our assault on boxes began. We collected antiques and unusual musical instruments. What are the only two things wrecked so far? An antique tureen and an exotic wood slit drum made by a Laguna Beach denizen. Between them a tidy sum, not to mention we liked them, we really liked them [;)] In  military moves it has been worse, though.

So now we face three facts. We didn’t cull enough when we packed, things which once held our interest hold much less after three years of storage, and our color palette has shifted. Oh darn.

So some of the boxes are being saved for some items for which we will find new homes. And at the marina barbeque today people were talking about their last trip to the Bahamas or the next one, and soon we will be too.

In the meantime, there is the Florida Anchoring Meeting here in Vero Beach on the 3rd. Should be interesting — is it theater preceding a forgone conclusion, or is it the beginning of an honest, open dialog?


2 responses to “Domestic Archeology

  1. Oh please give us an update after the anchoring meeting and goos luck unpacking everything.

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