808080is a powerful number. It plays a central role in Pareto Analysis. It is “four-score.” It is the maximum speed limit in 3+ states. It also defines a different kind of inch worm.

  • We managed to get 80% moved in in ten days.
  • It took us ten more days to work off 80% of the remaining 20%.
  • We are a day away from completing the third ten days, and we have managed to work off 80% of the next remaining 20%.

Philosophically, we will never be completely moved in at this rate. [and I am ignoring the garage and short-term storage unload still to be dealt with]. But one thing we learned in years of military moves is there is a point at which one declares Victory and moves on, and 80%+16%+3.2%=99.2% is it.

The benchmark for Victory is having others into the house for dinner. [the kind with courses and place-mats and cloth napkins]. We have reached that benchmark and have transitioned from moving in to settling in. Settling in is a more gradual process [with occasional bursts fueled by frustration at something trivial].

When it comes to settling in, the remaining 80%s get worked off in months rather than tens of days. Since it is only about three of those before we head back toward the Bahamas, we would like to be able to declare Victory on the remainder. But you guessed it, as the end of that last month approaches, the last 80% accomplished will still leave 20% undone. C’est la vie.

2 responses to “Eighty!

  1. The 80 20 rule is so handy in life.

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