Vanity Plates

statetagI suppose when one starts thinking about what one might put on a vanity plate one has well and truly returned to the ranks of seasonal cruiser.

Our trusty Toyota has a plate which reads SAIL-4VR. I’m not sure whether it is going to retain its relevance or not. It would only take a sailing dinghy (where do we store it?) to keep the plate relevant. It would only require us to beat, reach or run with the seabreeze once a year with Brilliant Star. Since we are heading toward the Bahamas in mid to late winter, the issue needn’t be heavily addressed at the moment.

But we have returned to the realm of two vehicles. SAIL-4VR will go to the new one — Janet’s. The (now my) Toyota will be in need of something. Certainly the State’s choice would do the job, but I have enough of that in my life right now. So I have put my mind to the task. Unfortunately, plates which aid or honor entities or interests that appeal to me can only have 5 characters. Regular vanity plates may have 7 — or ~1300 times as many choices. Of course, one has to account for the various prohibitions the State places on micro-memes it doesn’t want flaunted around on its roads.

I have a few crypto-acronyms in mind, but will keep them to myself as I might actually decide to use one. At the moment, my favorite is too crypto. I don’t want someone rear-ending me trying to figure it out (yes, that does happen). Some, such as any variation of CLOD, are out. I really prefer something snicker/smile inducing, but sadly those same things can induce road rage in someone whose context is vastly different than mine. I could do something meaningful only to me, but then I might as well just write that on a sticky note and stick it on my dash and go with the semi-random State issue. Nah.

The one word that I know would get a knowing nod around here is trademarked by a litigious defender. So…

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