T-Shirt Lizard

Who needs hi-tech wireless thermometers to know what’s going on outside? We have a trusty band of geckos and anoles, inter alia that let us know what’s what — biotech if there ever was some.

The smaller the lizard the sooner they hide from the drop in temps. There seems to be a scale.

  • No lizards sunning — it’s cold for here, wear a sweatshirt (or it’s too darn hot even for lizards and stay in the shade with a cold drink)*
  • Only big lizards sunning — it’s cool, wear a long sleeve T
  • Medium lizards sunning (well away from the big ones) — T shirt weather
  • Little lizards sunning (well away from every mouth in sight) — stay in the shade
  • Lizards panting — stay in the shade with a tank top and a cold drink*

Seems tech enough for us.

*This minor ambiguity can be resolved by stepping outside for a moment.

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