Maison Martinique (Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel)

hibiscus-booths-diningWe started the evening in the Havana Night Piano Bar where the comfortable seating was taken, but we still enjoyed it. It was nice to decompress from the 5.4 mile drive from our house in no traffic. (Turn in the second parking lot entrance.)

This was an early Valentines Dinner and we’ll return. Maison Martinique has had some issues lately, but it has them well in the past now. Between us, we had the shaved Brussels sprout salad with bacon vinaigrette, Black lentil soup with chorizo. Duck breast, and a giant (8 oz) lump crab cake with almost zero filler.

We added a nice Cadaretta Sauvignon Blanc. We finished with chunky mango sorbet and a dark chocolate mini-muffin with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. What should have been hot was. All items were freshly flavorful and well spiced. (Our server was surprised when he asked me if I wanted ground pepper for my soup, and I asked him to wait while I tasted it. He said it was something rarely seen!) Now to be a tiny bit picky. I prefer my duck sliced as medallions, this came out as two spears(?). Also, I couldn’t transfer my bar bill to the restaurant. That’s it. I said a tiny bit.

Our friendly, attentive, well-paced server, Daniel was excellent We had a circular high backed banquette, complete with throw pillows, in the Hibiscus room (left above). Essentially it was private dining. What patron and staff traffic there was was discreet. We didn’t feel on display nor annoyed. Altogether a very nice experience.

Give them a try. Maison Martinique opens at 5:00 pm Thursday through Saturday

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