The Key’s to It All

Nervous Iguana at Boca Chica

Nervous Iguana at Boca Chica

I’ve been working on the manuscript of another novel pretty much since the last post here. Only have so many keystrokes in me per day, so the blog has been riding in the dinghy on a long painter.

This week we took a break (never turned the laptop on) in the Florida Keys checking out anchorages, and marinas prior to deciding whether to take Brilliant Star down there. It was great weather (actually, the same as at home in Vero). Friendly people. Great Food. Decent hotel with (gasp) tolerable prices. More about the food in coming posts. The issue in the Keys is depth, depth, depth. We draw just enough that sheltered anchorages are few in prevailing winds on the Hawk Channel side (south). Since marinas are full, this puts us traveling in worsening weather (more thunder, more heat) later this spring. Still think we’ll go, just haven’t thought out the details yet.


200 foot setbacks to destroy limited available anchorages

This trip came as the hateful and greedy along Florida’s waterways have introduced a Bill to destroy anchoring out in Eastern Florida pretty much as predicted here and in many other blogs. There is no reason to believe they won’t succeed this time since they have a whole session to correct the blundering blunderbuss approach they took last session; still, the demonization of cruisers continues.

Since marinas and mooring field owners have a vested interest in killing off anchoring,  and having attended the public FWC sessions regarding this in the past months, we don’t have a lot of hope this situation will end up in respectful compromise.

Coming Up, Mrs. Mac’s, Fish Tales, Lazy Days, and Harriettes.

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