Happy, Clubby Birthday

poloIn 4+ decades as adults, we have dined in many places under many circumstances. Our standard criteria have become “would we serve this to guests, could we have done this better, and were we comfortable?” For us to be pleased it has to be a Yes and a No and a Yes. Polo Grill wins on all counts.

No hunting for the reservation on arrival. Best booth in the place. Service with a club-like pace and grace. Generous pours on the drinks and a better than average selection of wines by the glass. Menu well varied and well complimented by specials.

My included Caesar was available with anchovies, hand cut and culled romaine and at just the right size. My wife’s included iceberg wedge was right sized and she says it had the best blue cheese she could remember.

She had the trout almondine and I the pompano special. The asparagus was crispy, the rice was tender, well seasoned and didn’t overwhelm the plate. The carrots… well I don’t like them so I can’t say. My wife said they were “well flavored.”

Dessert was a complimentary serving of mango sorbet (from a selection). It was delicious, nicely sized and accompanied with a peppermint patty.

Without drinks and appetizers, dinner was under $100 before tip. We enjoyed the place for about 2 hours and never felt pushed to give up the table. All told, after years of dining at Morton’s north-to-south, coast-to-coast, we would give Polo Grill the edge.

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