Lentil Fritters

We ate the Lentil Soup down to less than a bowl each.

Lentil FrittersSo, I whipped up two eggs and tossed them in. To this I added a couple of cups of commercial croutons I had beaten to crumbs. The consistency was still just a bit fluid so I added AP flour until the mixture, when picked up with an ice cream scoop (with a flick handle) would hold its shape when deposited on a plate.

Then I fired up the saute pan and heated light vegetable oil to 325 deg F (used my laser thermometer to keep track of the oil temp). Into the oil I deposited ice cream scoops full of the mixture and fried them ala salmon cakes. These I allowed to drain on a rack over a cookie sheet in a 250 deg F oven.

Janet made up an Aoli from mayo, ketchup, blackening spice, sriracha and Worcestershire sauce. Ingredients to taste and color.


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