Winter People Gone, Time to Plant and Bake.

Some good cruising friends recently commented we had been very quiet. True. But there is a difference between quiet and busy. Basically, we decided to take a year + or – to settle in here before resuming our travels (whatever they may be). We continue to test the social, sailing (incl teaching), art, music, gardening and dining scene here for how we might best engage. In the mean time:

At Move In

At Move In

We have:

  • Dug 70 holes between 1/2 and 3 gallons in damp consolidated (heavy) soil for planting a new color garden on our street front.
  • Planted ~200 plants in those holes — which means intensive watering and feeding to get them established.
  • Stretched, strained and torn some number of muscles as the post-hole digger and I became reacquainted.
  • Carted 900 pounds of that wet, sandy loam from A to B and in some cases back to A, applied three bags of humus among the holes, three bags of additional cypress mulch and laid out 300 pounds of landscape rock.
  • And still have six more gallons of agapanthus plantings to go.
  • And there were the dozen plantings and seven pottings in the back yard which still awaits its focus and accent plantings.
Awaiting Agapanthus

Awaiting Agapanthus

When done that will have taken us from Hawthorn, Ixora, Fig, Jasmine, Oleander and Hibiscus…

Grown In

When Filled In

To Hawthorn, fewer Ixora, Copperleaf, Tropicanna Gold Canna Lilies, Bougainvillea, Agapanthus, Haight Ashbury Hibiscus, fewer peach Hibiscus, fewer Oleander, Cardboard Palm, Snow Bush, Lemon Blush Caladiums, and alternating Green and Aztec Liriope.

In the mean time, I have gone back to experimental bread baking — successfully using onion soup mix to add umami to Ciabatta. More on that in a day or two.

2 responses to “Winter People Gone, Time to Plant and Bake.

  1. Garden of Eden? Teaching sailng?

    • Hmmmm, that didn’t work out for that pair all that well… More a mini Kampong
      They have a Youth Sailing Foundation here. Optis, 420s and Rhodes 19s. Teach kids, teens and adults. Have volunteered twice, then program went on summer break. Will try some more next season, but our travel plans may make me too unreliable to continue.

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