Spice Blends

Ever notice how spice blends are minimalist in their description of ingredients? We love it when we read “paprika, cayenne, onion powder and spices!” We know so much more now.

Recently we ran out of a fish blackening spice blend we bought in the Keys. We like it because it allowed you to taste the fish. The label was not helpful (neither was the lack of a shaker top). Since we also use it in fish spread, we decided we needed to get some more. Oops, no mail order available.

Time to experiment. Fortunately, we had 1/4 tsp left we could use as a taste comparator. Equally fortunately, we knew it tasted like a mild and less salty version of Emeril’s Essence — for which the recipe is available online. We decided to use Badia’s Blackened Refish Seasoning as a base to build on.

So we built the following table:


Emeril’s Essence Fish Spice Target Badia
Redfish Blackening Spice
2.5 units
??? Paprika ???
units Badia
2 unit Salt ??? Salt 2 unit
2 unit Garlic Powder ??? Garlic
Garlic Powder
2 unit
1 unit Black Pepper
1 unit Onion Powder ??? Onion
Onion Powder
unit Badia
1 unit Cayenne ??? Cayenne Cayenne
to taste*
1 unit Oregano ??? Oregano 1
unit Oregano
1 unit Thyme
??? Basil 1
unit Basil

*The net result, with a scant 0.25 units of Cayenne, was indistinguishable from the spice blend we like so much.

When you can’t find what you like, mix it up.

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