More spice experiments.
2 Silk Road Spice
2 Curry powder
3/4 Allspice powder
1/8-3/8 Chili Red Powder
Olive oil
Soy sauce
Non-beef protein. (Poultry. Fish. Lamb. Pork. Tofu)

Units above depend on how much protein you are cooking. Using Teaspoons above will do 5 chicken thighs.

Dry toast Silk Road Spice Blend (below), Curry, Allspice Powder & Chili Powder in sauté pan. Transfer to glass mixing dish. Make a paste with olive oil and spices. Thin the paste with a little soy sauce.

Wipe the bottom of a suitable bowl some of the paste. Pat a protein serving dry. Place on paste and coat top with more paste. Continue to layer servings and paste. Make sure top layer is completely coated.

Cover with plastic wrap tight against surface of protein, then cover bowl. Refrigerate for at least three hours.

After cooking let rest 5 minutes (except Tofu).

After cooking, drippings are excellent for dipping bread.

Silk Road Spice Label

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