Quid Agatur??? (“Whazzup,” circa 500 BCE)

FlamingosAt a recent social event, someone asked why we even bothered to have a boat given Florida weather, poor water quality, and shallow depths, etc.


Weather. On the Chesapeake we winterized from December through April. With upkeep visits through the period, that’s five months. Here we “hurricanize and lightningize ” July through November with a lot more flex on the ends depending on tropical realities (with marina socializing year round). That’s five months, and they are generally better weather than up north in sailing season. I think what surprises people is we actually leave this little bit of paradise during The Season.

Water Quality. In forty plus years, we have rarely, rarely gone swimming off our boat. Too many localities use coastal sailing waters as the final dilution phase for sewage treatment. Underwater maintenance we have contracted out for a couple of decades now. Vibrio vulnificus and mycobacterium marinum infections are the local bad actors.

Shallow Depths. Aye, and there’s the rub, literally. For deep water, we go to the Bahamas. Admittedly, that leaves us figuring out what “sailing” means for the other months, but that is more a matter of which boat rather than why boat. When we consider the number of hours motoring in the last three years of cruising compared to those sailing, there may not be that much difference unless we go offshore locally.

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