Back to the Future, Harbor Branch, Dolphins & Me


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I was just accepted as a volunteer working on the Dolphin Photo ID Program at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. Yippee!

Since attending David Starr Jordan Junior High School in Palo Alto which had a marine biology emphasis based on the donation of Jordan’s ichthyology library to the school, I have had an abiding interest in ocean science.

I learned to SCUBA dive in 1962 at age 13. In high school, I pursued science fair projects involving detecting electrical impulses from fish in a free swimming environments. I was also part of the team that designed and installed a 1500 gallon splash-zone salt water aquarium in our high school biology building entrance in 1966/67. (You can just buy these now!)

I was educated as a Chemical Engineer at Texas A&M University and specialized in ocean sciences and microbiology. There I taught SCUBA to university marine sciences personnel to include black water and recovery diving. I was part of the group that enticed Jacques Cousteau to visit A&M. As a graduate student in desalination thermodynamics, I sub-specialized in hyperbaric physiology (and was a guinea pig). During this time I also acted as an engineering diver for a Hydrolab habitat project under the auspices of Sea Grant and the NSF. My career vector toward oceanography seemed set, and then my very low Draft Lottery Number came up. [This was not a lottery you wanted to win.]

In the military, I supervised recreational diving in Florida for a few years, but my duties and post-military careers moved me away from the ocean for nearly 40 years. Retirement to Vero Beach has returned me to it.

I in-processed yesterday with Harbor Branch, so now it appears I am back to the future as I saw it in 1970. As I said, yippee.

6 responses to “Back to the Future, Harbor Branch, Dolphins & Me

  1. Very kewl!

  2. That’s great! Your wheelhouse! M

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  3. moondance38


    • One of the cool things is once you are on the books as a volunteer, you can volunteer anywhere within the institute they might want you.

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