Cruising to Tournon and Beyond

We left Viviers at 1300 headed north for Tournon. Our feet got a rest, and the focus shifted more onboard the Heimdal. A cooking demonstration (a bit of Abbott and Costello thrown in), French lessons (just enough to get one in trouble), a nautical presentation by the Captain (superb) intermixed with restful views of a rising landscape and more walls and round towers — some of them belonging to nuclear power plants. Through here we began to encounter more locks as the terrain embracing the river climbed toward Lyon.

Locking was something to behold. The locks were essentially automatic. The ship had multiple, rotatable, two-propeller steering pods at bow and stern. We seldom touched, and when we did it was usually from a crosswind inside the lock which meant the Captain’s propulsion options were a bit limited. This never got boring!

The weather was exquisite, and the scenery was beautiful… It was a lazy afternoon followed by a similar evening. We sorta let the camera rest in preparation for tomorrow.


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