Vienne, France

Vienne, the Romans said Vienna, was another place favored by Julius Caesar. Compared to Avignon and Arles, Vienne was the big time. It was designated a Roman city, not an outpost. However, the imposed upon Gauls were not impressed and managed to expel the Romans who went north to found the city of Lyon (aka Lugdunum, then). And so “king-of-the-hill” played on with the Romans returning, and it was here Herod was exiled in 6 CE. It’s odd that in all the study I’d done on the Gallic wars, somehow the larger politics and economics of the Gallic peace (pseudo) never came up. There was no shortage of authors. Humph.

With our arrival here, we had a clear sense the Rhone segment of our trip was over the hump. We were also glad we had packed for warm weather as well as damp and cool. Some folks had to go back to the ship because of the heat. Our reaction was it was cooler than Vero Beach, and we stood in the shade while Phillipe (yes, The Phillipe) delivered his pearls.

This trip is shaping up to be the best cultural trip we have ever taken (Our Med trip included) — the guides are SUPERB, and France’s official standards of performance for licensure are a big part of that. Would that we had had more professors as committed to creating understanding.

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