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Carnitas Olla a Presión!

Two nights ago, Janet julienned a pound and a half of pork tenderloin and soaked it in 1/2 cup of water with a teaspoon of baking soda for 15 minutes (to create a fajita texture). After that, she rinsed the meat well and bagged it with three bottles of Negra Modelo beer (sans bottles) and the juice of three limes. Into the reefer it went for 24 hours.

Last night she started by marinating canned red beans to give them a ranchero miniflavor — olive oil, chili powder, garlic powder and a tad of water in our collapsible mini colander. *

An hour later she sauteed half a medium yellow onion and half a purple onion (sliced) for about five minutes in our pressure cooker.  She added the meat (drained and patted dry) and browned it with garlic, cumin, coriander, chili powder, white pepper, black pepper, cayenne and salt. She added just less than a half cup of beef broth before closing up the cooker and running at at a “gentle jiggle” for about twenty minutes.

In the mean time, she fixed Goya yellow rice and heated the beans with a little of the remaining beef broth.

The resulting Carnitas were some of the best I have had — and I usually target them on Mexican menus everywhere we go. And the great news is there are left overs for Carnita’s con Arroz Amarillo y Frijoles Rancheros, La Secuela.

*This little collapsible (to less than an inch high) colander has a snap on base that makes it a bowl and thereby reduces the dish washing. At Amazon for ~$6

20 Yrs Ago We Were Anchored at the Bitter End Yacht Club — Twixt HRM and Titusville

Another very bright 48º. smoke on the water, less wind.

Left at 0800.  Another crystalline blue day. Much “ditchier” today. We spent a lot of the day staying on the center line of a dredged cut from New Smyrna Beach on. Today, it warmed faster, but the breeze kicked up quite a bit by the time we exited the Haulover Canal north of Kennedy Space Center. Actually saw a bikini here… We arrived at the Titusville Municipal Marina pretty much on schedule and found ourselves dealing with fixed (vs floating) docks for the first time since Alligator River. Not a problem, but we’ve really come to appreciate the ease of getting on and off the boat with floating docks.

Stayed up for New Years by playing Scrabble. “Party-hearty” is worth 22 tile points.

South to Daytona, Goin’ South the Rush is On — Twixt OCM and Halifax Harbor

Chilly again.

Got away from the Oyster Creek Marina at 0800 in light breeze and current. If we hadn’t been sure we were in Florida from Fernandina to St Augustine, today’s travel cinched it. Mangroves, palms, and ibis lined the waterway. We were fortunate to catch a fair current all the way to Daytona. It was beautiful weather again, but the day started at 48º and was quite breezy.

Pulled into Halifax Harbor Marina an hour early. Very professional place. Very impressed with bridge operations in Daytona good communications between bridges and bridges and boats. Would have been nice if the showers had been behind the security perimeter but otherwise a first rate place. Yes, we occasional dine on left overs, but what left overs!

Gypsies in the Palace — Anastasia Island

Luau Shirt wx.

Gypsy Cab Company for brunch. Oh, Wow. What a good meal with excellent wait staff. (Not just Columbia rebound either.)

Tried to get propane filled at the propane place in town. Not helpful. Went to KOA on Anastasia Island. Very helpful.

Replaced both fuel filters.

Steamed artichokes and stuffed peppers for dinner. Columbia, what Columbia?

A Good Place Gone Bad — St Augustine

Luau Shirt wx.

This was to have been our “family” Christmas dinner. We love Cuban and Spanish cuisine. We went to Columbia.

We should have taken our cue from the robotic host.
We should have taken our cue from the fact they were playing “Here Comes Santa Claus” on the 28th rather than flamenco guitar.
We should have taken our cue from the romper room school seated next to us.
We should have walked when the server announced they were out of half the menu.
We should have walked when the appetizer came late, only warm and the chick peas were crunchy, and the waitress was indifferent.
We should have walked when our entrees came with lumps of yellow rice suitable to repairing serious hull leaks.
We should have walked when Janet found the women’s room worse than the city toilets in San Antonio during Fiesta.
Our experience was this is a dirty, indifferently managed zoo.
We should have walked.

Rondo, Rondo I get a Rondo — St Augustine and farther afield

Luau shirt wx.

Rented a KIA Rondo from Enterprise and did our provisioning. Decided to be curious and worked our way north to Ponte Vedra and back. Beautiful day. Crowding at the Gypsy Cab Company sent us looking and we ended up at La Cocina off of US 1 at the South end of town. Excellente!