Practicing “Safe Cellular”

Cruisers often find themselves in need of a new or second cellphone to keep communications costs in hand when ashore on foreign soil. Even if new equipment isn’t required, a new SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) Card may be. And many sell them before leaving the countries where they were needed. And there’s the rub…

“More than half of the secondhand mobile phones examined in a British study still had sensitive personal data on them, including credit- and debit-card PINs, Facebook and Twitter usernames and passwords, bank account details, friends’ phone numbers and company information.” (Tech News Daily)

These were phones that users believed they had properly sanitized.

“Security experts recommend that phone sellers instead first make sure they log out of all Internet-based remote accounts the phone is linked to, then “factory reset” their handsets before passing them on.

As for the SIM card? If you’re not transferring it to another handset, then step on it, crush it, chop it up with scissors — make sure it’s toast.” (Same Source)

More information can be found here

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