Water, A Cautionary Tale

A few days ago I watched a guy swigging a bottle of water from a soda machine complaining about the cost of water at a marina at check in.

I went over to the machine. It was dispensing 20 oz bottles of filtered tap water, under a brand name that had to have been chosen by a drunken focus group. The water was $2.00 US a bottle. This is $12.80 a US gallon (128 fl oz). The drinker was complaining about $0.25 per gallon of reverse osmosis water to fill his tanks while drinking less pure water that cost 51.2 times as much.

The captain was told he could hook up for $5.00 a day (2.5 bottles of bizarrely named vending machine water) if he rented a slip for $45 (22.5 bottles). He looked like he was going to toss his bottle at the dockmaster. (Total 25 bottles)

When offered the option of a flat rate of $60 for a month of unlimited water usage (30 bottles a month from the machine), the boat captain tried to negotiate the rate down to $20 (10 bottles a month) promising to disconnect his hose each night.

Later, we watched Captain Outrageous return from the Class 6 Store with multiple $7.00 bottles of rum (3.5 bottles of water) drinking a $5.50 a bottle local beer (2.75 bottles of better tasting water).

How does one get so disconnected from the value of something that a $2.00 bottle of vending machine water is deemed affordable, and $60 for a month for unlimited water in a country with supply issues is waterway robbery?

I don’t really care that this guy just arrived from planet Dirtbag (and his boat showed it), what I care about is the way he demanded a ridiculous deal from the dockmaster and how that’s going to color the dockmaster’s attitude toward the rest of us.

[Found unposted in drafts…this must have really irritated me.]

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