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Geomagnetic Reversal >> Flips and Flops…

Interesting piece from Archeology News. It won’t affect your cruising plans (much), but it’s part of the out there we all cruise in.


[Credit: WikiCommons]

The left side reminds me of the path a dog takes to find a place to rest for a bit, until someone says, “squirrel,” and then it’s the right side.

Good Conch (News)

conchpileFor us, the Bahamas and conch fritters are inseparable. As with virtually all marine food resources, conch are subject to over-fishing, poaching and environmental stress. It is good to see more resources have been contributed to help Bahamians deal with his challenge. The Bahamas Weekly story is at link:

Conchservation funded another $50,000 by The Moore Bahamas Foundation

An earlier posting (1 Feb 2014) with background on this topic is at

Bahamian Conch Fisheries in Danger…


T-Shirt Lizard

Who needs hi-tech wireless thermometers to know what’s going on outside? We have a trusty band of geckos and anoles, inter alia that let us know what’s what — biotech if there ever was some.

The smaller the lizard the sooner they hide from the drop in temps. There seems to be a scale.

  • No lizards sunning — it’s cold for here, wear a sweatshirt (or it’s too darn hot even for lizards and stay in the shade with a cold drink)*
  • Only big lizards sunning — it’s cool, wear a long sleeve T
  • Medium lizards sunning (well away from the big ones) — T shirt weather
  • Little lizards sunning (well away from every mouth in sight) — stay in the shade
  • Lizards panting — stay in the shade with a tank top and a cold drink*

Seems tech enough for us.

*This minor ambiguity can be resolved by stepping outside for a moment.

Sunday Morning Late*

Turtle Nursery

Turtle Nursery, Do Not Disturb

Movers come tomorrow. Last minute stuff abounds. Still time for the Beach tho…

Sunday Morning.19



Sunday Morning.18