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Whither We Goest?


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When we started this blog, our full-time cruising plans were open ended as to all but duration. That, we said would be about 2-3 and then 3-4 years (when we got off to a slow start thanks to the housing market). It has ended up being three, which is where I would have put my money were I a gambler, which I am not.

Would we do it again? Of course. Would we do it differently? Of course. Could we have done it differently? Not really, or we would have. All sorts of factors shaped our cruising. The very best were one another, our boat, Bahamian weather & water. The very worst were much of the ICW and summer marina living.

And now we no longer cruise full time. What does that mean? We live in a very nice house. We travel with a very nice boat. But where?

This part of Florida is not sailboat friendly. We could go up the ICW but we would be in the Chesapeake before we found much sailable water. We can sail offshore to the Keys, where the sailing is offshore and the anchorages are few and the natives don’t like people who prefer to anchor out. Or we could go back to the Bahamas.

Living in a house again, we don’t want to be gone for extended periods. We can’t rationalize the distance, expense, and hassle of the eastern Abacos for just a few weeks at a time. At least with the Keys we could rent a car and come home if need/want be. Also we now live in the “there” a lot of folks are trying to reach each winter. While the Bahamas and the Keys are better than the Chesapeake in winter, They aren’t better than here — except for the constrained sailing here and the clear water there. Perhaps we should winter store our boat in Maine and go there during the hot, humid, lightning-laced* Florida summer. Nah.

We haven’t figured it out yet. It’s not a bad problem to have, but we know we don’t plan to go back to the Bahamas this year. We may give the Keys a try if we can convince ourselves it would be a pleasure not a misadventure (as in rough seas, bad anchorages, official hassles and boat bums).

NLDN CG Flash Density Km 1997-2010


Stay tuned.

PS: Interestingly, quite a few of the folks we know who go to the Bahamas each winter are deciding not to this year, opting instead to absolutely pack the local marinas. Even transient docks are being partially blocked by wintering cruisers.

Sorting, Sorting, Sorting, Decluttering and Donating (did I mention sorting?)

Sorting and decluttering and donating saved us thousands on moving from our house and storing our most important stuff.
Now the same processes are allowing us to find a place to sit down in the main cabin.
The plastic bins in the quarter cabin “garage” have served well. Four of those same bins have now been filled and taken to the storage unit we rented a half hour from here.
Now we can sit (and pass each other going fore and aft) but, more S,D&D are required. We can still see red at the waterline, but there’s still 150 gallons of diesel to add to the 50 in the tanks, and food provisioning is incomplete.
Monday and Tuesday winds look favorable so I must quit thumbing this keypad and get to work.

It Must Be Real

Today, I started the thing which most means we are moving aboard — migrating the desktop to the laptop. Because storage is so cheap these days, and I bought a big drive (400GB), a lot of stuff has to be compressed or archived. I should have started 12 Continue reading

Ibiseye — improved?

klaxonstrongOn May 19th, I pointed people toward ibiseye.com, a, then, excellent hurricane situation awareness and tracking tool. Well it’s been updated. With no hurricanes or even low pressure systems active right now, the value of the updates is opaque and the Google Gadget “cannot be retrieved.” With no way to tell if the updates are improvements, use extra caution for a while. There’s no reason to believe it is less useful, but updated is a loaded word.

Customs and Border Patrol Announces New Small Vessel Reporting System

“Provides Expedited Entry Procedures to Trusted Boaters” (CBP Release)


Better than the in-person at Port of Entry alternative by a wide margin

Only works reliably when using Microsoft IE. 

“This web site works best with Internet Explorer. Other web browsers may not function correctly.”

Somehow tying a very likely to be used capability to a dwindling software application is a puzzlement.

Link Below

Small Vessel Reporting System (SVRS) Version: 1.5.4

For related, see Customs and Border Patrol Post


We’ve all seen quite a buffet of Google Maps Mashups. They run from the sublime to I have to reload the browser to get rid of them. In the midst of a bit of a dust-up on another site about web-based weather products, I was reminded of the one I keep on my desktop throughout hurricane season (13 days from now) called IBISEYE. It’s a product of the Miami Herald Tribune, and it is excellent. Continue reading