It’s not a big deal really. Sailing is a challenging skill, and we like to be challenged, and we liked to be skilled.

Cruising is a challenge, and it is a way to see the world differently and thus to see a different world — something particularly important to us, having been exposed to the enduring and deepening cynicism of Washington, DC for three plus decades and to the blithering American media 24/7. And we definitely need an alternate perspective on the world and its affairs, so as not to trade our dreams for fears.

It is also a way to rage against the dying of the light. Whether we are the new 40 or 50 or whatever doesn’t really matter, life or liveliness can be taken from us at any moment, and we don’t propose to sit around waiting for it. And if we must, we plan to do so at anchor, rain or shine, in crystalline turquoise waters with drinks in hand watching the natural world go about its natural business.

We do plan to listen to the weather forecast, beyond that…

Nothing in this Blog shall be construed as providing guidance or instruction. Cruising is ultimately about individuals accepting accountability for their own choices. We are simply sharing what ours have been and how they may change, nothing more.